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Virtual Group Sessions

Group Information Session Objectives

  1. Teach parents how to successfully navigate the Denver public and private school Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary School process

  2. Get parents excited about their assigned boundary school/Enrollment Zone schools and options available

  3. Connect you with valuable public and private school resources

  4. Educate parents about school choice odds, admission priority groups, and proximity zones

  5. Prepare parents to tour schools and speak with teachers and principals (virtually or in-person)

  6. Demystify the DPS Round 1 and 2 Choice processes

Fall, 2023-Spring, 2024 Group information Sessions

Denver Public Schools (DPS) Classes 
(includes all DPS Preschools, Elementary Schools & Enrollment Zones)

  • Sunday, 12/03/23 | 9:00am - 1:00pm MT

  • Recording available 12/04/23

DPS Central Park Enrollment Zone-specific Classes
(Deep dive into the six CPEZ Elementary Schools)

  • Sunday, 01/07/24 | 9:00am - 1:00pm MT

  • Recording available 01/08/24

Preschool Graduation Ceremony

DPS Group Information Session Agenda

  • Denver Public Schools (DPS) Overview

  • DPS Choice Process for ECE3-12th: Round 1, Round 2, and Wait Lists

  • Gifted & Talented (GT) & GT Magnet Eligible/Highly Gifted (HGT)

  • DPS School Finder

  • DPS School Boundaries
    Public Schools: Traditional, Charter Public, Innovation, and Lottery;  Special Focus: Arts, Expeditionary, Dual Language (French, Mandarin, Spanish), International, IB, Montessori, Science

  • Universal PreK (UPK) and Denver Preschool Program (DPP) Funding

  • When to Start Kindergarten

  • CDE School Performance Framework (SPF)

  • ECE3 & ECE4 Monthly Cost

  • Best Practices

  • Before & After School Care

  • Transportation & Meals

  • Private Schools: Gifted/Creative, Montessori, Parochial/Religious, Waldorf, International/IB,
    Dual Language (French, Mandarin, Spanish), Micro, Progressive, Traditional, Independent, Learning Differences 

  • Calendar

  • Resources 

  • Q&A

Central Park Enrollment Zone additional agenda items

  • CPEZ Admission Priorities

  • CPEZ Proximity Zones

  • CPEZ Elementary Schools Deep Dive

  • CPEZ GT & HGT Support Options

  • CPEZ Virtual Touring Links

  • CPEZ Bussing

  • CPEZ Before & After Care

  • CPEZ Middle School Overview

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