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Private Consultations: All CO School Districts/Cities
Public & Private School

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Daycare, Preschool (PreK/ECE) | Kindergarten/Elementary School | Middle School | High School

  • Help get you added to private Daycare/Preschool wait lists

  • Deep dive into your assigned boundary school or Enrollment Zone schools, as well as other public (boundary and lottery) and private school options within your commute/mileage preference

  • Overview of the different public and private school options available

    • Public

      • Charter Public Schools, Magnet Schools, Innovation Schools, Special Focus Schools
        (Arts, Science, Expeditionary, Montessori, International, IB, Dual Language), and
        HGT schools (separate classrooms and integrated)

    • Private

      • Gifted, Creative Learners, 2e, Religious/Parochial (Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopal, non denominational), Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio, Progressive, Traditional, Micro, Diverse Learners

  • Full tutorial of your school district's choice process, wait lists, deadlines, and navigation best practices

  • Research for specialized school support (e.g. gifted, Highly Gifted, Twice Exceptional/2e, ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Autism, developmental/mobility challenges, disabilities, specific desired educational models)

  • School recommendations for those moving into or within CO (e.g. neighborhood options, recommended boundary schools, nearby lottery School options, nearby private school options, school availability, individual address assigned boundary school deep dives)

  • Mediation and Divorce educational research (one or both parents' address assigned school options, compare/contrast boundary schools)

  • Private School step by step application support

  • Hiring of tutors (eg foreign language, math, remote school)

  • Preschool research (programs near home/work, hours, current waitlists, monthly cost, etc.)

  • Summer Camp research (specific hours, focuses, areas of town, cost, deadlines)

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