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Group Sessions, Recording Access,
Private Consultations, and Private Classes

Let us help you navigate the search for Colorado
public and private Preschool, Kindergarten,
Elementary, Middle, and High School.

Keely Buchanan, Founder
Children Embracing in Circle

Finding a best fit school for your kiddos and family can feel overwhelming. And, because Denver is a nationally recognized and award-winning system of choice, the number and variety of options available can increase confusion. The Denver Public School (DPS) system has more than 120 Elementary Schools, more than 70 Middle Schools, and more than 60 High Schools. And, the state of Colorado has 179 unique school districts and over 500 private schools (over 100 in Denver alone), each with unique enrollment process, age cutoffs, and application calendars.

Keely works with families living in and moving into Colorado, and specializes in meeting each family where they are, and helping them to make the best decision for their kiddos with all of the information available.


She is known for her expertise in consolidating and simplifying messaging around all things public and private school, and for her deep knowledge of not only what is happening at the district and department level, but at the school level, as well.


She also shares her knowledge of Twice Exceptional (2e), Gifted (GT) and Highly Gifted (HGT) programming, Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) and Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), as both of her sons have attended DPS public schools, are 2e, and have ALPs and IEPs. She is thrilled to partner with Meryl Duguay (Founder, Duguay Educational Consulting & Advocacy) to support families with kiddos with learning differences and disabilities.

Knowledge is power: Keely connects parents with objective data, research, and resources - and demystifies the process - from start to finish.

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