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Keely is so knowledgeable and an absolute expert in all things DPS/School Choice info. She is courteous, prompt and explains everything in ways that make it less scary and more manageable. I absolutely recommend people plan a class or consultation with Keely to get your “game plan together” and get all of your questions answered. DPS choice is confusing for us all but with Keely’s help you’ll be able to have a clear, concise plan of what schools may be good for your student and what steps you need to take. Thank you, Keely!

-Alicia J

You don't know what you don't know. Start at 3.
After the class my husband stated that originally had the mentality, "Can't you take notes and share them with me." he followed up by saying,"I'm glad I came."
Our son just turned 3... But if we want to be a part of E3 selection (which we don't..but you might) the timing was right. Keely shared information to get us ready..Not all families are the same, not all children are the same, and not all public / private schools are the same.
My stomach ached as I went to this meeting thinking that we needed to move because of the negative reviews/scores that our boundry school had...only to discover what scores really mean! And of course not to trust Zillow. Thank you, Keely! Thank you for the information, thank you for not making me feel "dumb."

-Sarah M

The group course was a great overview of the choice process and DPS schools. Keely took the time to really dive into our questions on specific school types, GT, etc. I would highly recommend her course. I only regret not doing it when my child was 3 or 4 instead of 5

-Leslie F

Keely was so informative and approachable. I will admit being less than excited about spending a Saturday morning learning about schools, but I’m SO happy I did! Now I feel excited about sending my kid to DPS schools and understand all the terms and the deadlines. Definitely go if you are considering it at all and bring your kid to the day care during the session too, because the care was super!

-Kate M

We just got into our first-choice school. We wouldn't have been able to figure out how to navigate the system and figure out where we wanted to go and how to get there without the help of Preparing for Denver Kindergarten. We are huge fans and recommend it to any parents we meet. Thanks!

-Rey H

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