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Meet Owner Keely Buchanan
Kindergarten Readiness

Keely Buchanan is personally passionate about connecting parents with resources and research-based data about Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary School options, with a passion for public education.  She has done thousands of hours of research so that her clients don't have to.

While researching options for public and private Preschool for her oldest son, she realized that the process can be overwhelming at best.  And, when the time came to plan for Kindergarten, even more so.  Preparing for Denver Kindergarten was created in 2015 because parents don't know what they don't know, and a large knowledge gap exists for parents new to a public school system.

An alumnus of the University of Denver, Keely earned her BA in Digital Media Studies, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2001.  She is currently working towards her Master's Degree in Organizational & Professional Communication, with a focus on Organizational Development and Training from her Alma Mater.


Keely loves to help parents find the best fit for their kiddo(s).

Keely resides in Denver with her partner and two boys (both attend a DPS HGT Magnet Elementary school), tours a LOT of schools, meets with a LOT of school and community leaders, and loves to share her passion with parents.

A new kind of kindergarten design encourages kids to be their silly selves.

Thinking about what young students really need caused a major do-over for what a kindergarten could look like.

5 Things I Want for My Children in Elementary School

On the whole, my children are having good experiences at their schools, thanks to teachers and administrators who truly go above and beyond despite the current climate in education. But there are several elements about their school days that I would change, or at least tweak, in a heartbeat if I could. Because while we all try to leave no child behind, I would also like to make sure we don't leave their childhoods behind in the process.


Consultants Steer Parents Through Maze of School Choice

The rapid expansion of charter schools and other public school options is fueling growth in another industry: education consulting.


Education consultants, once used primarily by families to help them select and get into elite private schools, are now being hired by parents in New York City, Denver, and Washington to help them navigate a plethora of public school options.

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