School Tours completed

Denver Public Schools (DPS) Elementary Schools
  1. Asbury Elementary

  2. Lincoln Elementary (1/2 Montessori lottery classrooms)

  3. McKinley-Thatcher Elementary

  4. Steele Elementary

  5. Park Hill Elementary

  6. University Park Elementary

  7. Joe Shoemaker (Expeditionary)


DPS Elementary Schools: Advanced Kindergarten
  1. Palmer Elementary

  2. Stephen Knight Center for Early Education (PreK, Kinder & ADK)

  3. Bill Roberts ECE-8 (Stapleton)

  4. Gust Elementary


DPS Elementary Schools: GT Magnet Eligible (Highly Gifted)
  1. Polaris at Ebert Elementary (Magnet - all HGT School)

  2. Teller Elementary (Integrated HGT Model)

  3. Gust Elementary (HGT Classrooms)

  4. Cory Elementary (Integrated HGT Model)

  5. Southmoor Elementary  (HGT Classrooms)

  6. Edison Elementary (Integrated ADK, HGT Classrooms)

DPS Elementary Schools: Stapleton Enrollment Zone
  1. Bill Roberts ECE-8 (ADK)

  2. Isabella Bird Community School

  3. High Tech

  4. Westerly Creek

  5. Swigert International School

  6. Inspire 

DPS Lottery Elementary Schools
  1. Rocky Mountain Prep Charter School

  2. Roots Charter School

  3. STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill

  4. Creativity Challenge Community (C3) Innovation School

  5. Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (RMSEL)


Other District Schools
  1. Littleton Prep Charter School (Littleton)

  2. Clayton Elementary (Englewood)

  3. Charles Hay IB (Englewood)

Denver Area Private Schools
  1. Lady of Lourdes Catholic School (Harvard Park/DU)

  2. Mackintosh Academy (Littleton Campus)

  3. Ricks Center for Gifted Children (DU)

  4. Stanley British Primary School (Lowry)

  5. St. Louis Catholic School (Englewood - closed)

  6. Graland Country Day School (East Cherry Creek)

  7. Colorado Academy (Lakewood)

  8. St. Anne's (South Denver/DU)

  9. Colorado International School (Southeast Denver)

  10. Paddington Station (Lowry) - Preschool & Kinder

  11. St. Mary's Catholic School (Englewood)

  12. Escuela de Guadalupe (Catholic Dual Language)

  13. St John's Lutheran (Wash Park)

  14. All Souls Catholic School (Englewood)

  15. Beacon Country Day School (Centennial)

  16. Highlands Micro School

  17. Montessori Academy of Denver (MAC)

  18. Logan School for Creative Learners

Denver Area Private Preschools
  1. Martin School of Early Education (Wash Park)

  2. Larks Preschool (Wash Park)

  3. Washington Street Community Center (Wash Park)

  4. Washington Children's Center (Englewood/South Denver)

  5. Sunflower HIll (Waldorf - DU Area)

  6. Stepping Stones Academy Montessori (Englewood)

  7. Schlessman YMCA Preschool (South Denver)

  8. Goddard School (Wash Park)

  9. Under the Blue Spruce (Wash Park)

  10. DU Fisher Early Learning Center

  11. Washington Park Montessori

  12. Treasureland Preschool (South Denver)

  13. Steele Cooperative Preschool (Highlands)


  1. Colorado League of Charter Schools
  2. Denver Preschool Program (DPP)

  3. DPS Choice & Enrollment Services

  4. DPS Early Childhood Education (ECE)

  5. DPS Gifted & Talented Department

  6. DPS Office of Family & Community Engagement

  7. DPS Office of School Reform and Innovation
  8. Denver's Early Childhood Council

  9. e.Merging Educational Consulting


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